I believe that our shared community values and our collectively developed Comprehensive Plan can guide Blacksburg to a bright future.

I envision a better Blacksburg, a Blacksburg which

  • Is a safe, supportive, stimulating place to live for children, teens, families, young and older professionals, singles, and seniors
  • Is not just a great university town, but a great place to live, work, and raise a family, as well as a great place to retire
  • Is diverse, and values diversity in age, ethnic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, economic means, and interests
  • Is welcoming and cultivates a sense of community among its diverse population
  • Is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of its citizens’ lives
  • Has expanded broadband availability
  • Has numerous recreational opportunities, including abundant athletic fields, for residents of all ages
  • Preserves green space and natural areas
  • Has great public and alternative transportation and an extensive network of sidewalks and walking and biking trails
  • Has a broad range of retail businesses, light manufacturing, professional services, research centers, and creative enterprises, while supporting entrepreneurial activities
  • Is known as an exciting hub for the visual and performing arts
  • Honors its Comprehensive Plan, and follows the letter and spirit of it
  • Has a truly open, honest, transparent, and participatory government
  • Encourages and values active citizen involvement in the decision making process
  • Has a commonsense and prudent fiscal management plan with no frills but excellent services
  • Has a sense of what it is, what it wants to be — a vision guided by community values.

I envision a vibrant, historic downtown

  • A happening, low vacancy downtown
  • A downtown rich in public spaces
  • A downtown full of locally owned, unique retail businesses, art galleries, wine bars and beer joints, fine dining and casual, outdoor dining
  • A downtown with readily available public parking
  • My vision is a safe downtown–safe for our students and our year-round residents, a downtown where community residents want to shop, eat, and enjoy the company of friends and colleagues, a downtown where you can pick up a prescription or buy a set of sheets, as well as purchase pizza and Virginia Tech merchandise.
  • My vision of downtown includes mixed-use redevelopment of the old Blacksburg Middle School property as a site where is it possible both to live and to work, a site that is a civic, commercial, residential, and recreational resource–a community hub that is alive with pedestrians ambling, children playing, and residents enjoying public art and public performances.
  • My vision includes implementing the recommendations found in the January 2019 “Strategic Plan for Downtown Blacksburg, VA.” To see the report, please visit

I envision preserving and enhancing our rich array of neighborhoods by . . .

  • Promoting diverse housing options, including workforce, senior, and young professional housing
  • Strengthening current neighborhood associations
  • Preserving each neighborhood’s unique identity
  • Ensuring safe neighborhoods
  • Protecting neighborhoods from commercial encroachment
  • Lessening cut-through traffic problems
  • Protecting neighborhoods from increased light and noise pollution from nearby development and redevelopment
  • Improving community livability through sidewalk and trail connections, pocket parks, and green space preservation
  • Fostering a greater sense of community within existing neighborhoods and the town as a whole.

I envision a better Blacksburg for us all.

The new Town Council can build on the successes of previous councils, learn from and hopefully not repeat past mistakes, listen carefully to Blacksburg residents, and encourage broader citizen participation–not only through the formal structures such as commissions and hearings, but through genuine dialogue in informal settings.